From Deliberative Democracy wiki is a progressive app design to facilitate off-line and on-line deliberation. It is based on implementations of theories which are described in this wiki. It's aims is to be a tool to promote deliberation through the joint effort of researchers, facilitators and developers in the field of deliberation, through the use of the wisdom of the deliberative community.


How Delib works

From Many options to few option


One of the main challenges of deliberation is how we take all the information and suggestions of many members and produce a single, which optimally integrate member’s knowledge.

we assume that most of the crowd would not have the time or the knowledge to screen form the whole stack of options, the most appropriate. Therefore, we go in two steps. First we use the module many-to-few, and then we focus on the few options that were screened-out, to a more popular vote.

To do that, Delib has a module that let participants suggest as many options as they would like, and then let them rate the most suitable option. The most suitable options then are moved to the start of the page.

Technology to learn from