Technology is a progressive app design to facilitate off-line and on-line deliberation. It is based on implementations of theories which are described in this wiki. It’s aims is to be a tool to promote deliberation through the joint effort of researchers, facilitators and developers in the field of deliberation, through the use of the wisdom of the deliberative community.

Our goal is to help groups reach educates decisions, based on verified knowledge, and the wisdom of all members of the group. In the future we hope to enable cross-groups wisdom. Such decisions should help elevate group-intelligence, help the group reach better decisions, and let every member contribute her unique knowledge, thus, elevating the satisfaction and happiness of most if not all of the members.

Help large number of stakeholders, to agree on common goals and solutions.
Help large audiences produce agenda, goals and solutions.
Help communities develop projects together.
Help students acquire deliberative skills of group decision making.
In helping build, the number of utilities is infinite., is a platform for decision making, and decision making is the kernel of our society. Come help us develop and make the world, a better place to live in.

Documetations: Our documentations are found here.

Code: Our github code is here, and our open source license is found here.

Communication: we are avileble at delib-org google group or you can email us at

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