We are a bunch of people enthusiastic about direct-deliberative democracy, technology geeks, deliberative philosophers, group facilitators, people who want to make a better world, through dialogue, mutual understanding and reaching agreed decisions through group deliberation.

Although we don’t have a classical hierarchical organization, we do have some people that are taking much of their time and invest in the institute. We will list some of them, for purposes of accountability and communication:

Senior Team

Guy Jana:
CEO – Past positions: CEO of Netmarker, VP sales at Omnysis, senior instructor in John Brice. Central activist in the 2011 Israeli protests. Coordinator of the protest for better gas deal and the development of renewable energy. Funder of “wakeup” network for social change.

Tal Yaron: Tal-YaronCTO and Head of R&D – Philosopher of deliberative democracy, and the head of the technology team. Cofounder of the Israeli direct democracy movement. Senior instructor at Ness, and cofounder of Ekkli startup. His work in deliberative democracy can be seen at

Amos Cohen:
External Relations – Past positions: CIO at the Israeli Export Institute, in the past, CEO of Israel-Canada, CIO at Fisher Institute for air and space strategic studies. Retired aviator.

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